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Corporate Responsibility

Integrity and results that matter are found on many fronts for Action Carting. Our bottom line is only one measure we use to judge success. Action is a committed business partner who also recognizes the importance of addressing the challenges facing our environment and the health and well-being of our communities.

In furtherance of Action`s green business policy, we continually review all aspects of our operations to try to reduce our waste stream and our dependence on foreign oil.

We have invested in Energylogic used oil heating systems to recycle our used oil on-site. This eliminates having used oil hauled over the local streets. It drastically reduces our heat costs which in turn reduces our consumption of fossil fuels. Energylogic Heaters are EPA approved, UL listed and clean burning.

Our service department has invested in a Krcher-Cuda Spray Wash Cabinet, a water-based automatic parts washer that eliminates the use of hazardous petroleum-based solvents. The washer uses a non-hazardous biodegradable detergent to remove oil from the waste solution. These removed oils can then be re-used to help heat our facility. The waste water from this and all our vehicle cleaning processes is also captured in a self-contained system for eventual delivery to a water treatment plant. The water-removal process not only minimizes pollution it also reduces the volume of waste water flowing through our already overly-taxed sewer systems.

Action invests in parts washers and collection systems to increase our productivity, eliminate hazardous solvents, and reduce waste. We are committed to doing what is best for the health of our employees and the environment.