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Our Environmental Commitment

Action seeks to become a model for the solid waste industry by integrating a focus on the bottom line with a concern for the environment. Our stationary and business cards are already printed on recycled paper. Our office lights are all energy efficient and every office is equipped with a sensor to turn off the lights when empty. Our tools are cleaned with eco-friendly cleaners and we heat our facility with the waste oil from our vehicles. Recent company initiatives, which reinforce our commitment to caring for the environment, include the construction of a state of the art recycling facility and investments in innovative compost collection trucks and containers, allowing Action to collect organic waste faster, cleaner and safer than any other company in the New York metropolitan area.

We encourage and educate our customers on the short and long term environmental and bottom line benefits of composting and recycling programs, with consultations, mailings and guidance posted on our web site. Action is especially proud of our partnership with the Bronx Green Middle School , where we help improve the environmental awareness of our city`s youth while, at the same time, providing them with the means to transform their environment. Our CEO, Ron Bergamini, presently sits on the Green Council of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Our Director of Development, Greg Galietti serves on the Bronx Solid Waste Advisory Board.

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